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English IV AP's Journal

15th November, 2005. 9:26 pm. HELP(b0mbilla)

okay so for streetcar! the theme assignment... WHEN IS IT DUE! and what exactly is it? should we write a paragraph type thing on each theme with supporting quotes? or just say like okay this is theme A and list quotes? and is it due when we finish the movie? or tomorrow? I DON'T KNOW! im so confused!

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23rd October, 2005. 6:43 pm. so how bout them yankees...(b0mbilla)

i feel like no one has posted anything in a long long time! so I'm posting just to mix things up a little bit. did i mix them up at all? and isn't that little star geeky thing adorable? i just love it! :)

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17th October, 2005. 9:40 pm. Kafka(machiavelli0)

Everybody ever should read The Trial because its one of the greatest novels written ever. And it deals with existentialist philosophy, which is the most annoying philosophy ever, because its all about perspective. Plus, you can feel really pretentious by reading it, because...comon, its about existentialism. Plus, its actually really well written (although sortof intense)...in conclusion, everybody read it. Its on the AP list.

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14th October, 2005. 1:14 pm. What about Mrs. Burden(arkham314)

Hey guys. In Light in August, a series of unfortunate events (sorry for the reference) kicked into gear after Mrs. Burden was found in her burning home with her head turned round. I am fairly certain that it was never explained what happened to her. The only thing we do know is that she and Joe had had a disagreement and that there was a revolver involved. The reason I'm posting is to see if anyone has any theories on what happened in that house.

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10th October, 2005. 8:11 pm. woops!!(nitasha519)

ok guys, so now i feel really dumb, cuz alice told me that jezebel basically equals slut. so yea, dont mind my other post. hehe. i thought i had a connection, but apparently not. hehe. keep reading faulkner!!!

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10th October, 2005. 6:11 pm. College Essay...revised....(nicoler122187)

Packing Away Valuable Memories
I can feel the summer heat beating down on me as I put my final clothes into my suitcase. I glance to my left and see my roommate Cara carefully packing away her CD collection that slowly grew as the year progressed. It’s hard to believe that nearly a year ago this tall girl with long flowing black hair and intimating ice blue eyes and I were complete strangers. Today, Cara and I are inseparable, and as we work together to pack away our dorm for the summer, we reminisce about the past year. While stuffing my clothes, posters, and books into their boxes I realize just how great freshman year was. I am about to place my ECAC Division III Metro Women’s Lacrosse All-Star Team plaque into my suitcase when suddenly Cara lets out a burst of laughter.
“Wow, Nicole, do you remember this?” Cara says in between giggles. As I walk over I see that she’s holding up a picture of an ear of corn that Noelle across the hall gave me as a joke. Most people at TCNJ know me as “Nice Nicole.” I’m the person whose door is always open anytime someone needs a good listening ear, and as a result, Noelle thought it would be funny to get me a picture of an ear of corn to hang on my door (just incase people needed to know where to go to find “a good ear”). Looking back on that picture reminds me of the group of incredibly talented people I met this year. The friends I made this year are priceless to say the least. Each one has added new value to my life, each has taught me something new, and each blessed me by showing me their individuality and intelligence.
My experiences this past year at TCNJ have changed the way I view success. The professors I had this year provided me with an environment that encouraged a thirst for knowledge; the experiences I gained, as well as the lessons I learned, became just as important as the final grade. As a result, my motivation this year became to learn as much as I could from the world around me, including the news, my peers, and my professors. I made it an objective of mine to become an active part of the world around me by engaging in activities around campus. I was determined and completely motivated to take full advantage of everything the college had to offer me. I became an active member of the women’s lacrosse team, as well as Habitat for Humanity.
As I continue packing I reach over to my wall and take down the framed article the local newspaper wrote about our chapter of Habitat for Humanity. I remember the hard work my peers and I put in as we devoted our spring break to helping victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Seeing the damage on television was nothing compared to what the city looked like in real life. My spring break this year was different than most college students’ spring break, but it made me appreciate everything I have. Being able to rebuild homes and provide hope to those who needed it most was an experience I will never forget. Through my experiences with my peers in Habitat for Humanity I learned the importance of being a member of my community.
At this point, my suitcases are almost completely stuffed, and I’m practically all packed up except for the few stray pieces of clothing I somehow missed and my copy of The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner that I plan on rereading this summer. Despite the countless debates my English class had the second semester about the novel and its intriguing characters, I’m anxious to read it again with new eyes.
I would consider my first year a complete success as I managed to meet inspiring people, achieve excellent grades, and contribute to the world around me, all at the same time. This past year at TCNJ has given me a completely new and rejuvenating outlook on the world around me, as I learned as much as I could and embraced college with a positive attitude. I’ve accomplished a lot during my first year at TCNJ, and I know that in the coming years I will continue to set and achieve new goals for myself as I overcome obstacles and grow as an individual from the unique experiences I have at this superb school. So, as I put my final clothes into my suitcase, I say so long for the summer, but most certainly not goodbye as I will be back soon enough to continue to fulfill my dreams at TCNJ.

let me know what you guys think ;) ....if you think its worse then before...don't be afraid to say so...be as honest as you'd like :) ... oh n if u can think of anything better for the title let me know too...thanks guys!! :)

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9th October, 2005. 9:57 pm. Light In August(nitasha519)

hey guys, i was just reading light in august. im now on pg 256!! woo hoo! only half the book left to read tomorrow! i was wondering, is Bobbie really the dietician from the orphanage. cuz Mr. McEachern (or whatever) called her Jezebel, and so did the janitor at the orphanage. at least im pretty sure, i didn't feel like going back to look. if so...interesting! hehe

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9th October, 2005. 6:44 pm. college essays(jennycait)

Hey its me again. I was editing my college essay again and I hit word count. It said my essay was 631 words, but on the common app it says 250-500 words. Do I have to shorten it or is it still okay since it is only a little over 500 words. Also it is still less then two pages double spaced. I don't know if that matters. Oh and for one of my supplements it has an optional essay on top of two required short answers other than the common app essay and short answers. Do you think that I should write the extra essay? Let me know what you guyz think. Thanks
~Jen Sepede

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9th October, 2005. 3:17 pm. New Due Date for Light in August?(jennycait)

Hey everyone! Just heard that Mr. Iannacone changed his due date for a Light In August to Friday and I was wondering if ours was changed too? (Miss C. this post is mostly directed at you haha)Thanks
~Jen Sepede

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8th October, 2005. 10:17 am.(caddy_compson)

During class yesterday, I couldn't find anything that was interesting, helpful, and not already posted by someone else. So I'm just going to post a link to this hypertext of The Sound and the Fury, because it's fantastic, and a link to Oprah's Light in August site because, even though most of you have probably seen it, it's still very good. Thanks, Oprah.

I can't find any good essays about Light in August right now, but I'm working on it.

EDIT: Here's something interesting from Twaynes Authors Series.

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